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Nothing Says a Picnic faster than the Checkered Picnic Tablecloth

Bringing out the checked tablecloth is a sure sign of a summer picnic. We have a variety of checked materials with which to made your picnic tablecloth. Our washable polyester is always a sure bet for the tablecloth.  We also have oilcloth for picnic tablecloths. Both of these fabrics come in a variety of colors and designs. For […]

Picnic and Camping Tablecloths

  The summer is upon us and it is time to plan family picnics, campouts, and camping trips.  We have a number of tablecloths that will make your event much more enjoyable.  All our picnic and camping tablecloths have elastic corners so your tablecloth will stay put on the table.  These cloths are great for […]

Custom Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl Protective Covers

Vinyl is a man-made plastic material .  It is a petroleum base product. Some of the characteristics of Vinyl that make it so popular are it’s durability,  strength, protective capacity, flexibility and resistance to outside elements and ease of cleaning. Vinyl is produced in different weights, colors, and designs which makes the Vinyl Tablecloths and […]

Mothers Take The Cake

Plan a special Mother’s Day dinner with a cake and flowers theme.  Whether you have a picnic in the back yard or the park or a formal dining room setting these ideas will add a very special touch to your dining experience. First of all start with a table that highlight flowers (either napkins, tablecloth, […]

It’s Time to Start Planning for Spring and Summer Picnics

FITTED PICNIC TABLECLOTHS AND BENCH COVERS Fitted Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers were created after years of fighting the elements during our weekly traditional camping and fishing outings.   The Tablecloths were constantly blowing off or falling off.  We tried putting clips on the corners which helped somewhat but did not really alleviate the problem. When […]