Custom Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl Protective Covers

Vinyl is a man-made plastic material .  It is a petroleum base product.

Some of the characteristics of Vinyl that make it so popular are it’s durability,  strength, protective capacity, flexibility and resistance to outside elements and ease of cleaning.

Vinyl is produced in different weights, colors, and designs which makes the Vinyl Tablecloths and protective covers very flexible, decorative and attractive in addition to it’s other protective characteristics.

The primary uses of Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl protective covers are for outdoor areas and areas with a lot of traffic or use because of it’s weather resistance and easy cleanup.   We, at use Vinyl for Picnic TableclothsOutdoor TV Covers, and other Protective Covers.

Examples of the Vinyl Tablecloths that we, at, have manufactured are for Concert Halls; a large concert meeting room used white round vinyl tablecloths for a large (50 plus) tables in the reception room.  Other examples are for use in restaurants, club rooms, meeting rooms, and children’s centers.

They are also widely used for display tables for trade shows and convention displays and similar events.

We and our customers have been very pleased in our appreciation of Vinyl in our products.

Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl Protective Covers provide the following:

  1. 1. PROTECTION – Protective covers for protection of wood, glass, porcelain, marble, elegant tables, poker tables, etc.. These protective covers include Picnic Tablecloths, Outdoor TV Covers, Outdoor patio furniture covers, 
  2. CONVENIENCE: Our Fitted Picnic Tablecloths are fitted to the table to keep them secure during bad weather conditions, and/or slipping and movement from active children or just from the process of passing items or playing games. They are also easily transferable from table to table at different campgrounds, for instance.  They can be easily wiped off and provide a clean environment when using public tables in the campgrounds.   They come in solid vinyls and some patterned vinyls, , both of which provide a nice atmosphere as well as being easy to wipe off.
  3. DECORATION: Our Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl Protective covers  are of course used for decorative purposes and to provide a festive and fun atmosphere.   The Vinyl Tablecloths can be either fitted to the table or have a hang-over of anywhere from 3 inches to clear to the ground.

Our approach as, is to determine the customer’s purposes and desires; we then recommend the type of fabric and the design required; working with the customer to give them the desired results.    This requires knowing everything about the table size and shape, i.e. round, rectangular, octagon, hexagon, square corners, barely rounded, oval, etc. as well as the size of the lip of the table, and any other specifications  the customer may have.

We use various techniques depending on the products, On our longer Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers, the design includes straps that hook across the underneath at the center of the table and bench covers to insure they are completely secure

The Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths come in all sizes and shapes and are used extensively in restaurants, club houses, children’s centers, gymnastics centers, meeting rooms, game rooms, trade shows, etc.  These are usually fitted with elastic edges that fit tightly under the edges of the table holding the tablecloths securely.  Our response from our customers has been extremely positive; one of our customers, a Club in Florida, emailed us a big thank you stating that during a storm where our fitted tablecloths were used at a large outdoor event, everything blew away except the fitted tablecloths that were still intact.   We have received numerous very positive responses from our customers, just to name a few recently received:

“ Hi Jan, I received the tablecloth yesterday. Can’t believe it came so quickly. It fits perfectly, even at the rounded ends. Thank you!”

“We received the tablecloths and they are on the tables and look great! Thank you very much you have been delightful to speak to and do business with.”

“Thank you so much for the special effort on getting the covers to our poker group in time for tonight’s tournament. I will tell them about you and your efforts.”

House of Bounce wrote: “They look and work perfect.. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market”