It’s Time to Start Planning for Spring and Summer Picnics


Fitted Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers were created after years of fighting the elements during our weekly traditional camping and fishing outings.   The Tablecloths were constantly blowing off or falling off.  We tried putting clips on the corners which helped somewhat but did not really alleviate the problem.

When we started creating our Custom Tablecloths, our first priority was to alleviate the problem we had experienced with our Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers .    We started manufacturing Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl protective covers .  We chose vinyl because of it’s durability,  strength, protective capacity, flexibility and resistance to outside elements and ease of cleaning.

Vinyl is produced in different weights, colors, and designs which makes the Vinyl Picnic Tablecloths and protective covers very flexible, decorative and attractive.

The primary uses of Vinyl Tablecloths and Vinyl protective covers are for outdoor and high traffic areas because of it’s weather resistance and easy cleanup.   Vinyl is used for Picnic TableclothsOutdoor Patio Furniture Covers, Outdoor TV Covers, and other Protective Covers.

Vinyl provided the heaviness required for the Picnic Tablecloths but it still needed something else so the next step was to make sure they could not possibly blow off;  so making them Fitted was the next step.

The Fitted Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tablecloths and Bench Covers are made by use of heavy-duty weather resistant elastic, bungee, or cords that insure the Picnic Tablecloths and Fitted Protective Covers are completely secure.  Check out our fitted designs at

These Fitted Picnic Tablecloths became so popular that we started getting requests for other Fitted Picnic Tableclcoths using other Fabrics with decorative patterns and a more exquisite look.   We started using the nice heavy Outdoor Fabrics for the Deluxe Outdoor  Fabric Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers.  These have been extremely popular and they work beautifully.  The Deluxe Outdoor Fabric Tablecloths and Bench Covers are also durable, strong, protective, flexible and weather resistant. Our outdoor fabric tablecloths can be viewed at

Some people still prefer something washable in the washing machine so we expanded our efforts again and began manufacturing the Fitted Picnic Tablecloths out of regular Tablecloth Poplin .  Because they are fitted, they still perform very well for for those who prefer a regular machine washable tablecloth.

The use of Oilcloth has almost the same benefits as the heavy-duty vinyls and the Deluxe Outdoor Fabrics and is preferred by many.   The oilcloth has very colorful and exclusive patterns not found in the other fabrics; so the Oilcloth Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers have become very popular.  See samples of  our oilcloth line at

To summarize, the characteristics of the Fitted Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers are shown below:

  1. PROTECTION – Protective covers for protection of wood, glass, porcelin, marble, elegant tables, poker tables, etc..   These protective covers include Picnic Tablecloths, Outdoor TV Covers, Outdoor patio furniture covers, etc
  2.  CONVENIENCE: Fitted Picnic Tablecloths are fitted to the table to keep them secure during bad weather conditions, and/or slipping and movement from active children or from the process of passing items or playing games.       They are also easily transferable from table to table at different campgrounds. They are easily wiped off and provide a clean environment when using public tables in campgrounds.   They come in solid vinyls , patterned vinyls, Deluxe Outdoor Fabrics, Oilcloth, and washable Tablecloth fabrics.
  3.  DECORATION: The Fitted Picnic Tablecloths, Bench Covers, and Protective covers are also used for decorative purposes for a festive and fun atmosphere.   The Picnic Tablecloths can be either fitted to the table or have a hang-over of anywhere from 3 inches to clear to the ground.

The approach used is to work with the customer, discovering their purposes and desires;  recommending  the fabric type and design needed to get the desired results.  This requires knowledge of how to fit corners, etc based on table size and shape, i.e. round, rectangular, octagon, hexagon, square corners, barely rounded, oval, etc. as well as the size of the lip of the table, and other customer specifications.  Various techniques are used on the products, the  long Picnic Tablecloths and Bench Covers have bungee straps that hook across underneath at the centers to insure they are completely secure.

The Fitted Picnic Tablecloths come in all sizes and shapes and are used extensively for restaurants, club houses, children’s centers, gymnastics centers, trade shows,  community centers, churches, etc.  The elastic sides are constructed to fit tightly under the edges of the table holding the tablecloths securely.  Customer response has been extremely positive; just one example:  A Club in Florida, emailed us a big thank you stating that during a huge storm where our fitted tablecloths were used at a large outdoor event, everything blew away except the fitted tablecloths that were still intact.