Protective Tablecloths and Protective Outdoor Patio Covers


Protective Tablecloths and Protective Outdoor Patio Covers are manufactured to protect many different items. They are not only used for protection of the table or other piece of furniture but can also create a festive and decorative look. Many types of Vinyl are used which come in many various colors and patterns.

We, at have provided satisfied customers who continue to order and make referrals to others for our many protective covers . For instance, our Outdoor TV Covers that we custom make to fit the specific sizes and configurations of the TV, cables, and boxes. This has been a popular item in Arizona for TV stores who are referring their customers to us for their specific needs.

The Protective Covers are also used for indoor use to protect tables and other furniture from use and abuse.   The Vinyl Tablecloths are very popular for those who have children and want to preserve the nice wooden finish, glass, marble or other from scratches and marks that could destroy a beautiful finish. The same is true, for other indoor furniture items that need some protection from the outside elements, including the sun that can be very harmful to the finish on any furniture.

In addition to the Vinyl protective Covers , the use of the heavy outdoor nylons, canvases, and specialty outdoor fabrics are used. The fabric used is based on which one will work best depending on the item to be covered and it’s location and use. These Custom protective covers are manufactured to insure a tight fit on any item. They are normally fitted securely with the elasticized edges and use of bungee cords or other heavy-duty adjustable cords. We have found the elasticized edges work best for covers that are used more often because of the ease of putting the Protective Covers on and off..