Mothers Take The Cake

Plan a special Mother’s Day dinner with a cake and flowers theme.  Whether you have a picnic in the back yard or the park or a formal dining room setting these ideas will add a very special touch to your dining experience.

First of all start with a table that highlight flowers (either napkins, tablecloth, table runners etc).  For a center piece or as a server for your desserts, use an inexpensive plate.  Then, paint a pot white, turn over, and glue the plate to the pot.  You then have a very stylish cake server that incorporates your flower theme.

For a fun place setting which again incorporates the flower theme, buy mini flower pots and drill holes in the bottom.  Paint them white and coat with a sealant.  Poke your napkins through the hole, and than fan out your napkin and display on your plates.


These are easy ideas, that express love and fun for your Mother’s Day celebrations