We Specialize in custom tablecloths made to your specifications.  

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We offer special pricing and shipping on large orders.


Millwood offers custom-made tablecloths and table covers in a large variety of styles and sizes at affordable prices.  All orders are custom made with customer satisfaction as our goal.

There are  different types of tablecloths and covers to choose from:  Heavy Duty Vinyl Tablecloths,  Picnic Tablecloths, Game Tablecloths,

Casino Felt Poker Table Covers, Suede Game Tablecloths, and protective covers for outdoor televisions and furniture covers.

Our Custom Furniture Covers and Outdoor Patio Tablecloths are made to fit and stay-put on your furniture and are available in Weather Resistant Outdoor Fabrics as well as Heavy-Duty Vinyl and Outdoor Nylon Vinyls.

Vinyl Tablecloths

Vinyl Picnic Tablecloths


Vinyl Tablecloths

6” Drop Vinyl Tablecloths


Gaming and Miscellaneous

Vinyl Game Table Covers