Custom Trade Show and Conference Tablecloths

Custom Trade Show Tablecloths and Fitted Convention Tablecloths are manufactured especially for Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows, Fairs and Expositions and other Display events.

The custom Trade Show Tablecloths come in various styles to enhance the display and encourage sales.

Some of the characteristics that work well are the use of a fabric that has durability, strength, flexibility and is easy to care for.

Many vendors prefer a Vinyl Tablecloth because of those characteristics. The vinyl is produced in different weights, colors, and designs which makes the use of Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths a good option because it is protective, flexible, and decorative.   Other fabric that are used widely because of their attractiveness are the Poplin Tablecloths, Polyester Tablecloths, and Polyester Satin Tablecloths for the more exquisite looks. These cloth fabrics are very attractive and give a more elegant look because they are either pleated or gathered and give a flowing look to the Trade Show Tablecloth.

The Trade Show Tablecloths can be made to fit the three front sides of the table only or can go completely around the table; depending on the customer’s desires and used. The three-sided allow for storing of items under the table and to allow chairs to be used at the back side of the table. Some vendors also just prefer the Table Skirts that go around the front three sides of the table. All and any of these options are available at because of our custom designs. Our goal is to provide Custom Tablecloths that are designed individually for the specific needs of the customer.

Examples of the Trade Show Tablecloths that we, at, have manufactured are for large trade shows, auctions, concert halls, club rooms, meeting rooms, hotel convention sites, etc.

Our Custom Trade Show Tablecloths have been very popular because they are fitted securely to the tables and prevent any slipping and movement that can occur in these busy areas. They are also easily transferable from table to table and will fit most convention tables. They are custom manufactured to the customer’s specifications and that kind of flexibility is what the customers really seem to need and want.

Color is very important to the customer as they want to reflect the specific Business or Organization that they represent and most every color is available. In addition to providing the requested colors, embroidered Logos are also used on many of our Custom Trade Show Tablecloths.

Red Vinyl              conference4

Custom Game Tablecloths and Protective Covers

There are several purposes for using Game Tablecloths;   not only are they used for protection of the table but they are manufactured with a texture that allows a frictionless movement of game pieces or cards.  The ease of movement of the game pieces is a very important function of the Game Tablecloth.

The best cover for a Poker Tablecloth is the real Casino Felt.  It is soft, heavy and very durable and is used in casinos and pool halls.  The Casino Felt does not pill up like a regular felt fabric and is a 20 oz.  weight wool.  There is not a better fabric for the serious or not-so-serious fun-loving poker players.  The best way to make them work is the Fitted Poker Tablecloths, made to fit any size table and to insure they stay completely secure on the table.  These Custom Tablecloths are manufactured to insure a tight fit on any size table.  They are normally fitted by elasticized edges but can also be made with heavy-duty adjustable cords.  We have found the elasticized edges work the best and make it easier for putting on and removing from the tables.   

Covers that work really well for other Game Tablecloths, for instance Bridge Tablecloths, Mahjong Tablecloths and other card and tile games is the Suedes.  The Ultra Suede is the very best, strongest, and washes up beautifully; but there are other nice micro-fiber suedes and suede-looks that also work very well and are very attractive.  The Suede Tablecloths  come in many different colors and can be decorated with trims or have initials embroidered on them  This is a very popular idea with the Bridge and other card players.  Most of the Suedes are completely machine washable and come out of the Dryer beautifully.  Some of the characteristics of using Suede for the  Game Tablecloths that make it so popular is it’s attractiveness, durability,  flexibility and easy care.

Vinyl Tablecloths are  also used extensively for some game tables.  It, of course, works well because of it’s strength and ability to not wrinkle up or move when playing games.

Vinyl is, however, used mostly for protection of the Game Tablecloths.   The protective covers we manufacture and recommend for use over the top of the more expensive Poker Tables and other Game Tables  are usually made of Vinyl but sometimes we   recommend and provide the heavy-duty cordura nylon fabrics for outdoor  Protective Covers.  Some  of the protective covers we have provided our customers have included Poker Table covers, Ping Pong Table Covers, Foosball Table Covers, and other game table covers as well as Sandbox Covers.  Both the Vinyl and the heavy-duty cordura nylon work well and are very protective.

The protective covers are also used for Outdoor Patio Furniture covers, Air conditioner Covers, motorcycle covers, Grill Covers, TV Covers etc.  We have manufactured these protective covers for many customers for many other different and creative uses; for instance:  amplifier covers for musicians, speaker covers, DVR covers, outside equipment covers, including exercise equipment, yard equipment and just about anything our customers have requested.

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