Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths

Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths come in any and all custom tablecloth sizes, for instance, Large Size Tablecloths, Extra-Long Tablecloths, Oval Tablecloths, Round Tablecloths, Square Tablecloths and Rectangular Tablecloths. and Fitted Vinyl Table Covers with a 6 inch drop.

The vinyl comes in various weights.  Heavy-Duty vinyls, regular kitchen vinyls  that are a lighter weight,  and  patterned vinyls as well as Oil Cloth.

The Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths work great because the vinyl is known to be very durable, strong, protective. flexible, resistant to outside elements and do not slide around on the table but are held tightly to prevent any wrinkling up or looseness in the tablecloth, especially when used by children.

The Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths come in all sizes and shapes and are used extensively for restaurants, club houses, children’s centers, gymnastics centers, trade shows,  community centers, churches, etc.  The Fitted Elasticized  Tablecloths are constructed to fit tightly under the edges of the table holding the tablecloths securely.  Customer response has been extremely positive; just one example:  A Club in Florida, emailed us a big thank you stating that during a huge storm where the fitted heavy-duty vinyl was used, the tablecloths were used at a large outdoor event, everything blew away except the fitted vinyl tablecloths that were still intact.

The Fitted Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tablecloths are used for outdoor and high traffic areas because of the vinyl’s weather resistance and easy cleanup.   They are easily cleaned with soap and water or by merely wiping them off with a damp cloth.   The Heavy Duty Vinyl works excellently outdoors because it is so durable and flexible, is weather resistant and if they are custom fitted with elastic, bungee cord, or draw string cords, they provide the stability to stay tightly on the table even in the worst weather conditions.

So whether you want to brighten up and protect the inside of your home with a Fitted Vinyl Tablecloth or if you want a protective and secure Picnic Tablecloth for outdoors or any other protective cover,  a Heavy-Duty vinyl will fit your needs.